CAPAHILL provides you with honest solutions for your digital business

You think: Consulting - too expensive? Because the target is so often missed?

CAPAHILL does it different. With the expertise of an IT consulting company and the creativity of an Internet agency. For your digital project that really provides you with advantages. Modern management consulting, but with brains. With the IT tools you really use. For the nature of the digitalization of your business which you actually need. As humans. As a user, working with IT solutions daily. With benefits. So different.

CAPAHILL? IT-Benfits, which convince

Take advantage of trends and innovation - but never for self-purpose. This is our vision: IT consultancy that brings your team-work to the monitor, mobile phone, tablet & Co to the fast lane. Consistently orientated to the user. For your digital project that really provides you with advantages. For IT solutions that reach you. So convincingly useful.

CAPAHILL? Consistently running work processes

Obtain profitable digital work processes and applications that fit like a second skin. CAPAHILL works on your IT infrastructure, removes barriers, eliminates errors and works for you on the superior solution within the competition. With concept - and realization. So consistently.

CAPAHILL? Digitalization, whicht fits like a glove

Our commitment to quality is decisive. The implementation of IT Technology needs intelligent brains. Through this your economic efficiency becomes maximized and the working processes as well as team communication will be more efficient. For an IT architecture that ticks exactly according to your heartbeat. So individual.

CAPAHILL? Passion and profession.

Your CAPAHILL consultants bring more than 15 years of IT experience with them and are familiar with many different industries and company sizes. Consultants work together with your digital project, who have already successfully completed projects for the Big players such as WestLB, WestLB Systems, Deutz AG, Siemens, T - Systems, Hewlett - Packard or Miele. CAPAHILL integrates for your company individual IT components for efficient digital dialogues of employees and clients: user interfaces of software, applications or IT technology. We work with passion and profession.

Take advantage of our services for your future


  • IT Architecture
  • IT Service Management
  • Digital Strategy
  • Business Intelligence


  • System Integration
  • Business Applications
  • Mobile Communication
  • Databases


  • Interface Design
  • Web Development
  • Digital Marketing
  • Content Management

So honestly:

CAPAHILL takes a different path. If you would like to optimize your workflow, or want to increase the performance of your employees, let us prove how different. Namely, with consequent benefits for employees.

Become acquainted with us: +49 (0) 2204 968 9773 we would like to talk with you about your ideas concerning „digital business".